If you have purchased one of my customized LP Vinyl Art pieces and would like to have it made with a label of your own design, this is where you can purchase that add-on.  This purchase needs to be made within 24 hours of your LP Vinyl Art purchase.


After you complete your purchase, you will need to email me the artwork you would like used at info@lpvinylart.com.


Here are the things you need to keep in mind when preparing your artwork for the label...


It will be printed at about 4 inches wide.  Make sure the image is a high enough resolution to look good at that size.


For the most predictable results, your image is best if it's square.  The label, which is round of course, will be cut from it.  So remember that you will be losing whatever may be in the corners of the image as well as the center hole.


To help you visualize this, the image in picture A above will result in the label in picture B.


If you send a picture that is not square, the label will be cut from the center of it.


To visualize that, the image in picture C will result in the label in picture D.


After you've sent your artwork, I will mock up a rough draft like those examples for your approval before creating it.


Please email me with any further questions!

Custom Label for your LP Vinyl Art